About Us



EBP Education provides workshops for parents to support their preschool children with Learning Readiness.

Learning readiness is a mindset in which, your little learner is ready to embrace the challenges of starting school.

The teachers at EBP Education appreciate that children start school with different ability levels and empower parents to support their children with transition to primary school.

EBP Education stands for evidence based practice education because we ensure that using evidence is at the heart of our practice and workshops so we can best assist parents.

Testimonials from parents that have attended an EBP Education workshop...

'I attended an EBP Education Parent workshop today focused on learning readiness. The content was eye opening and very interesting and the presenters, Nat and Michelle, shared lots of wonderful ideas for us to take home and share with our families. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future Parent Workshops and Professional Development sessions and recommending them to my friends and colleagues!' Jay, Mum of two busy pre-schoolers