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EBP Education stands for evidence based-practice education because we ensure that using evidence is at the heart of our practice as teachers and the workshops we design and deliver, so we can best assist parents and in turn their little ones on their learning journey.

So what can you expect from us?

Webinars - we provide essential guidance for parents whose children are preparing for school. Our webinars discuss what they can expect from their child's learning journey and how parents can help prepare their preschoolers and ensure they have learning readiness. Learning readiness is a mindset in which, your little learner is ready to embrace the challenges of starting school.

The teachers at EBP Education appreciate that children start school with different ability levels and empower parents to support their children with transition to primary school.

Play. Chat. Read. - this class is for parents and their preschool children. It is a fun packed 45 minute class, in which our teachers step you and your child through fun activities to promote phonological awareness and essential pre-reading skills. Children - along with you, their parent/guardian - participate in listening walks, digging for treasure, singing and playing instruments and much much more.

Look out for our frequent FREE TRIALS where we offer parents the opportunity to try before they buy.

Incursions - we provide a version of Play. Chat. Read. to early learning centres and child care centres for up to 15 children at a time. They get the same fun packed 45 minute class over a period of 8 weeks, all designed to develop essential pre-reading skills ready for prep.

Contact us for a FREE TRIAL for your ELC or child care centre at admin@ebpeducation.com.au 


Educational Toys - we provide a number of educational toys and accessories for pre-school children, all designed to develop and promote learning readiness. These toys are often used in our Play. Chat. Read. classes and a number of preschool and primary educators are clients. 

Testimonials from parents that have attended an EBP Education workshop or Play. Chat. Read.

'I attended an EBP Education Parent workshop today focused on learning readiness. The content was eye opening and very interesting and the presenters, Nat and Michelle, shared lots of wonderful ideas for us to take home and share with our families. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future Parent Workshops and Professional Development sessions and recommending them to my friends and colleagues!' Jay, Mum of two busy pre-schoolers

'I took my 3 year old along to a parent/child workshop called Preparing for Reading. We went weekly, for a 45 minute session and all I can say is my son laughed his little socks off and had heaps of fun. Michelle stepped us both through 4 activities that were mostly play based and then read us a story. She was focussed on fun! At the end of each session, we received a handout that explained what the focus had been and what we could do to continue working on that strength. It was awesome fun for both of us and I felt like I was setting Jed up for school success.' Mel, Mum of a curious little boy

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